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Keep up the good work! Sounded good in your spare room! !😀💋 Cutiegirl


Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for your podcast! Cutiegirl

Doing Gods Work!!!

I really enjoy that Chris gets in and out with the reviews. It definitely helps with what you need to take a trip to the theater for and what you can wait on. Keep up the good work. Love the show!!!


I really enjoy these types of reviews! I’ll give this one a watch . Love listening to your podcast , keep up the good work!! Cutiegirl -


Funny episode needed a laugh! Can’t wait to hear your next episode !! Thanks for the recommendation haven’t seen this movie!!

Cool and fun

Insightful reviews with positive vibes!

High quality movie talk

Fantastic movie reviews with really great insight into the flicks reviewed. Chris is a very positive and high energy host who clearly really enjoys what he is doing.


If you want something fun, a good laugh, and to the point listen!! I look forward to every week what Chris will put out!!

Awesome Listen!!

Straight to the point , funny , makes you laugh and his voice is Easy on the ears! 😀 can’t wait for future pods!!

Loving it!!

This was such a great experience! You guys are absolutely amazing! You have such a great vibe and had me fully submerged in the pod!

Totally worth listening to!👏

I find these movie reviews to be so entertaining! Wonderful voice that is pleasing to the ear, very smooth delivery. Reviews are honest in likes and dislikes with some well appreciated humor thrown in. 👏⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great Review Style

This guy’s reviews are concise and to the point, and I appreciate how honest he is. And with a shorter format, he makes it easy to listen to in bite sized amounts.

Fun, informative, exciting movie reviews!!!

This guy has a great delivery that keeps you captivated from intro to close! ….editing to win….bc I think 3rd time is a charm!

Magnificent listen!

Wonderful, interesting, and comical podcast. The combination of a voice that belongs on air, and punch lines that actually hit, keep you engrossed in every quirky episode. Chris is sure to keep you checking every day for new episodes.